30 Days of Poetry Days 1-4


I’ve always wanted to participate in national poetry writers month, but I never have. There’s two reasons really, a) because I always forget when it is, and b) because I usually don’t let people read my writing. As a matter of fact, I don’t even need one hand to count the number of people who have read my poetry. So, this is definitely outside of my comfort zone, but it’s hard to grow if you stay in there your whole life. So here goes something.

This post has days 1-4 since, as usual, I forgot it was this month. I’ll try to keep up from here on out, but I won’t be holding my breath, and you shouldn’t either. I will also warn you, there will likely be spelling and grammar errors, as my time to edit is limited between holding a sleeping or wiggly baby. And I’m not even sorry.

Day 1: A Poem of Negation

Warm, it is not, nor dry or bright
Neither cheery nor sweet
Not a child’s delight
No flowers for smelling
No playing in the streets
No baseball
No swimming
No bare feet
No ice cream outside
It isn’t Spring

Day 2: A Poem About Stars

(To the rhythm of twinkle twinkle)
Light so bright through darkest night,
Glorious and shining sight!
Heavens secrets do you hold?
Great unfoldings you behold!
Light so bright through darkest night,
Glorious and shining sight!

Day 3: The Fourteener

The flowers set upon a sill to wait for Spring’s bright day.
For stars to leave at night’s reprieve to give the sun its way.
The birds will dance and take their chance to swoop and glide and sway.
The breeze will sweep across my face and greet me in its way.
For now we wait and sleep, then wake to run and sing and play.

Day 4: An Unconventional Poem About Love

Strong, fierce, loud
Shrouded in mystery and rooted in the depths
Conscious and unconscious
Light and dark
Breathing and beating and seeking the stars
Enchanting, terrifying, exhilarating
Fearful and open
Hidden and hard
In fights and in battles are winning the war


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