Day 7

Day 7’s prompt is about money. I don’t really feel much like writing about money so I’m going to take the more abstract route and write about what’s valuable to me.


Sleepy cuddles are worth their weight in gold. I know, that’s a cliche but I don’t care. I didn’t know my heart could be so full. I didn’t know tears could be so happy. Or that I could laugh so hard that my head would throb. And that it would all be worth it.

I didn’t know sacrifice could be so fulfilling. That giving up so much, could be so rich. That being a mess could feel so beautiful.

But the love, I knew. I knew I could love him so much. I always have loved him. I knew my heart would overflow. I knew he’d be worth it. It is a contentedness that I’ve long longed for.

Now everything I feel is deeper. Joy, fear, pain, love, anger, strength, resolve. A new level of emotion and motivation. Even if that motivation is just to be still. It’s like all the walls have been undone.

I’ve never been able to be so still, quiet, and at peace. With this piece of me that was missing, asleep here on my chest. The value is beyond measure.


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