Every Creature Was Stirring

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, every creature was stirring, even the mouse. There is no hush here, no silent night. Only the hustle and bustle of rush, rush, rush, rush! 
You see, there are gifts to be wrapped and lights to be hung, tables to be set, jingle bells to be rung. The house is a mess, it’s not ready for guests. The stockings aren’t hung, there’s pine needles in the rug. 

Daddy’s been standing under the mistletoe with care, but no notice from mom, not even a glare. 
Just then, there arose such a clatter! She glanced at the nativity set on the mantle, to see what was the matter. “Oh no, not again! That star just won’t hold! There we go, perfect!, 


everything for this Christmas should be perfect!”. 


Just then she stopped, and realized what was the matter. It wasn’t the fallen star, unwrapped gifts, or chores left undone. It was the failure to recognize the Savior who had come.
She paused there and pondered the cold manger and hay. Certainly, not a new mother’s picture perfect day! Yet among all mothers, she was surely blessed. 
So when did all this need for perfection and production come into play? After all we’re all a mess at times, life doesn’t wait for the holidays. 
So right then and there she made a choice to just be real and focus on the the manger and hay. To let the imperfection show, to not run away. For in our imperfection, Christ’s perfection is on display. 
At last she turned and saw him beneath the mistletoe, without a word she joined him there as the sky began to snow.
May you have a Merry Christmas, but if by chance you’re not feeling very merry, may you be surrounded with family and friends who let you feel what you feel. And if you find yourself lonely, reach out and remember that manger and hay and be reminded of God’s perfect love on an imperfect day.


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