Welcome to my BLOG!

imageI am a wife, stay-at-home mommy, cook, and animal lover. I am also naturally disorganized, messy, and have an ADD brain. BUT, my brain also allows me (often forces me!) to be creative and resourceful.

I’m learning to embrace the blessings that come from a creative (read: random) mind. I’m venturing into blogging with the hopes of connecting with and encouraging other women in whatever their endeavors may be, especially motherhood.

As someone who is not naturally organized and “put together”, my transition into keeping a home and being a mom hasn’t been the smoothest. There have been days filled with tears and self-doubt, and even self-loathing at times. Guilt stemming from my inability to get myself into gear and do what needs to be done can be paralyzing if I sit in it for too long.

What I’m learning on this journey so far, is that I need to embrace the mind, body, and spirit that God has given me and focus on the upside. What is the upside? A lot actually! As you can see from what I shared above, it can be easy to put myself down and feel less than. Especially when I see so many other moms who have it all together (or at least that’s what they put out there on Facebook and Pinterest!). BUT, and thank God for buts, there are always two sides to every coin. Being an
ADD Mommy also means:

*You can roll with the punches-Little distractions throughout the day don’t throw a wrench in your to do list (because you probably don’t have one)

*You can stop and smell the roses-If your child wants to play with you, or be rocked, or it’s beautiful out and you want to take a walk, you CAN because you can stop what you’re doing and leave things undone, without anxiety, and be in the moment

*You can be spontaneous and fun and creative because your brain goes a million miles a minute and you’re always looking for an excuse to experience life

*You have freedom-You can learn to have routine and be organized without the compulsion to have each task completed before moving onto the next

These are just a few of the pros I’ve learned so far. I hope you will join me and follow my journey as I discover the ways God intends me to use my uniqueness and in turn, maybe uncover more of yours!

In my BLOG you will find evidence of a mind that frequently changes channels without warning. Sometimes within a single post, sometimes from day to day or week to week. My hope is you will find this interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking rather than scatter-brained.

I may be on a crafting binge one day, and a soapbox the next. Discouraged one week, and empowered the next. This is real life. It’s not neat and tidy (much like my house; future post?).

I will be sharing encouragement about motherhood, marriage, womanhood, and faith. I will be sharing my opinion on the happenings of the world, especially where faith and family are concerned. I will be sharing craft ideas, DIYs, homemaking tips, and recipes. I will also be sharing links and coupons and other helpful tools I have used or have come across. **I shop on online ALL the time and love sharing my finds! I would greatly appreciate you using the links on my pages when you purchase to help support my blog**

In turn, I hope you will comment and link up and share your ups and downs as we engage in this life together as a community. We are not all designed the same, but we are created in His image. Rest in that truth and in your uniqueness today.

One ADD Mommy