Day 6-Aubade

The Day 6 prompt is to write an Aubade, a poem welcoming or lamenting the morning sun. Hmm, having a baby, one who had a fussy night last night, I’m definitely feeling the lament.


Light streaming in; turn it off! I’m trying to sleep! Oh wait, it’s too late. It’s coming from outside. Soon he’ll wake and it will be time to start the day. Crying, screaming, echo in my mind and rattle my brain. A brain riddled and rattled from sleepless nights.

Those pearly white daggers stealing the night! Sleep tight they say–I’m wound tight alright. My bed bug does bite! Goodbye oh sweet night. You always leave too soon. The morning sun flooding my room, drowning my mind with endless to dos. Good morning they say–HA! It’s morning alright. Luckily, that bed bug smiles and saves my life!